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By impacting over 15,000 children per year, the Sports Complex will provide the opportunity for children to develop positive character traits and life values.


Through mentorship, children will learn the importance of teamwork, perseverance, discipline, and how to become men and women of integrity. Sports create a foundation to develop important characteristics that these children will carry with them the rest of their lives.


As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. We believe life transformation through Jesus Christ will be accomplished by working in and through the local church to build healthy villages throughout Haiti. The marks of healthy villages include healthy churches, healthy people, a healthy economy, and healthy schools. By working with partners to achieve these benchmarks, we believe God will change a nation village by village, one life at a time.


 01   Renderings

 02  The Power of Sports

Imagine a young Haitian girl who has been playing soccer all of her life on dirt fields littered with stones in her local village.


Now imagine her playing in a state-of-the art facility where she is coached by trained staff and developed into a young lady of integrity.


Take her passion for soccer. Blend that with the design of incredible facilities and the relentless pursuit of developing her skills and character. Multiply her experience by 15,000 kids a year. Now you have the ingredients to change a nation. 


This is the beginning of building sustainable soccer programming that will foster national pride and develop the character of the next generation of leaders in Haiti

Power of Sports

 03  Partnerships

A member of Major League Soccer since its inception in 1996. They also have a nationally-renowned youth development system and USSDA National Championship Academy program 

The Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation was launched in 2017 and its mission is to demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.

HKS is a worldwide network of professionals, strategically located and working seamlessly as one firm with individual expertise in design, research and management.

A contractor that specializes in the turn-key construction of sports fields and running tracks. They self-perform all aspects of the construction process, including the installation of the sports surface.

David McCaskill Design Group works as a hands-on design firm that remains highly committed from project inception to the completion of construction.


C432 is a boutique management consulting firm that provides institutions, businesses and individuals with strategy development, business planning and market entry support in frontier and emerging economies. 


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